Thankfully, music is one of the forces in our lives that we can always turn to for awesomeness in the form of calm, inspiration, entertainment, emotion and more. The even better news is that music for babies is just as beneficial. As reported recently in the NY Times, “We tend to think that music is a frill that doesn’t matter,” says Laurel J. Trainor, a professor of psychology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and author of a study on music and babies. “But in fact, these social binds that we form early in development affect everything that happens later, including our ability to learn and how we view others and ourselves.”

We’ve heard recommendations that Moms-to-be should play music for their pregnant bellies, and Baby Mozart CDs sell like hotcakes, but could it be just a marketing ploy? A promise of benefits to the brain that’s based on woo-woo science and misconceptions?

The jury’s still out on whether classical music will actually make your kid smarter, but we’ve found lots of other benefits to playing music for your child so we’re still doing it! Here are 10 ways music for babies is always a good idea.

1. For Better Sleep
Music for babies can be calming and can help lull them to sleep. This is an obvious one as most cultures have lullabies for babies that have lasted generations.

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