If you’re a teenage girl there’s an excellent chance you’ve heard of (who are we kidding, you totally idolize) Selena Gomez. Or maybe you’re a 30-something-year-old mother of two who is equally obsessed with the pop sensation. (Who? Us?) But regardless of your age or how much time you spend watching the Disney Channel, you’re about to be a little surprised and a lot impressed by this talented young star.

The actress and singer, perhaps best known for her Disney Channel roles, is a proud Latina who has also worked on many different projects in her 12-year career. Did we mention she’s only 22? Selena (can we call you Selena?) is clearly gifted and driven, but she’s also wise beyond her years. As she told E! News, “At the end of the day success is nothing if you don’t have the right people to share it with, you’re just gonna end up lonely.” We hear you Selena, and we couldn’t agree more. Here are 15 more Selena facts that will make you love her as much as we do.

1. Her middle name is Marie, a nice little morsel of Selena Gomez info.

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