Cold weather is upon us so it’s time to pull out your warm winter caps. Even better, treat yourself to a couple of new ones while you’re braving the cold to buy gifts for everyone on your list. If you aren’t a hat person — you know, one of those lucky ladies who can just throw on any chapeau and instantly look effortlessly chic — remember, it’s not you; it’s the hat. And knowing how to style your hair so it looks great when you take the hat off…okay it is a little bit you. We’ve got a few simple tips that will make everyone a hat person.

As with all things in life, attitude is everything. Don’t wear winter caps as if you’re hiding under them; sport them proudly like the bold, fun accessories they are. The fact that your ears stay warm is just a bonus! The key to looking cool is to find ladies’ winter hats that reflect your own personal style. If you’re ultra feminine, a fedora is going to look and feel out of step. Likewise, if you’re more tomboyish a ladylike cloche won’t work.

Hat hair is the inevitable downside of bundling up but there are ways to minimize it. Try parting your hair in the middle beforehand; when you get indoors, just switch to a side part and fluff. Voila! Instant volume. Garren, owner of the Garren New York salon, shares his tips with Allure, “The most important thing is to make sure hair is totally dry first—if it’s even slightly damp, it will dry flattened out under the hat. Prevent dents in long hair by coiling it into a loop and tucking it under the cap.”

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Beanies are a perennial classic and the options are virtually endless. From soft, loose-fitting cashmere to sensible, sporty, close-fitting wool. In fact, The Guardian has declared 2015 “the year of the pom-pom beanie” — some call them bobble hats. That jaunty pom-pom adds a dash of quirky flair.

Brigitte Bardot made it sexy tilted back and to the side, Kate Middleton makes it regal cocked to the front and Rihanna makes it her own like only she can. The beret is definitely having a moment and these simple French toppers are always trés chic.


If you prefer something a little more structured, a felt baseball or newsboy hat looks casually sophisticated with jeans and just plain sophisticated with a dress and wool winter coat. If you want to kick it up a notch, a great fedora always looks fabulous.

When the temperatures really start to drop and ear coverage is mandatory, trapper hats are the way to go. Just pick your style: edgy fleece-lined leather, classic wool plaid or full-on faux fur.