Ok, so which site is right for you? Truthfully, you might want to try them all. You should also consider what you are interested in. Do you love photography? Then you’ll love Instagram. Do you like reading news headlines and short blog-style blurbs to catch up on current events and what’s happening with your friends? Twitter might be your best fit. Facebook is a good place to start for anyone looking to connect with new friends, old friends, work friends etc. LinkedIn is perfect for those looking to make professional connections, share their resume and search for future opportunities, new hires, relevant companies to partner with etc. Whichever site/network you choose, it’s important to note that as the Pew report states, “the number of those using social networking sites has nearly doubled since 2008 and the population of SNS users has gotten older.” Social interactions of all kinds are happening online more than ever before, and this fact is true regardless of your age, so if you’ve been using the “I’m too old for Facebook” excuse, it’s no longer valid.