When it comes to how to use social media, or at least, how to use it well, the #1 rule is to be true to yourself and appropriately represent who you are and what you think. Don’t post links or videos that aren’t in line with your values and don’t share pictures that are inappropriate (aka, keep it clean). Remember, as PC Mag reports, that a future boss, maybe your mom, or even your children might see what you post one day, so be mindful of how you want the world to see you. “Even if you think only your trusted friends can see such antics, think again. It doesn’t require much effort to take a screenshot of that pic and spread it around the Web.” If you love to laugh, share funny videos that make you smile. If you are passionate about a charitable cause, use social media to raise awareness for your efforts. If you want people to respond to the information you share, you need to actively communicate with their posts as well. Social media is a conversation, so actively engage as you share.

Bottom line: social media isn’t going anywhere, and it’s a key element to success in many aspects of your life. Learn to love it, don’t underestimate the power of social media, and get ready to embrace the art of digital schmoozing.