The people have spoken: fitness apps are here to stay and, as they continue to gain popularity, you’ve got more and more options for every interest and fitness level. As the Chicago Tribune recently reported: “The gym of the future is no gym at all. It’s a FitBit Flex, an iPhone app and a pair of gym shoes.” Wearable tech took center stage at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show with everything from Bluetooth insoles that communicate with your Smartphone to ‘Belty,’ a smart belt that vibrates when you’ve been sitting too long or have eaten too much. Soon you won’t have to ask family and friends if your ensemble makes you look fat and endure the sighs and eye rolls—your clothes will tell you themselves. We’re not sure if that’s good or bad….

For each innovation in wearable tech, there’s a fitness app to go right along with it. These ten new fitness apps offer a huge range of workouts and motivators to keep you exercising and change your body for 2015.

1. Endomondo (Free)
Endomondo is like a personal trainer and social support system rolled into one. Set your fitness goals and it will give you audio feedback to keep you going and help you pace yourself during your workouts. It’s also a social network that allows you to compete with friends, get a quick pep talk and motivate each other to keep on exercising.

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2. The Walk ($2.99)
If you can’t stand the gym and need some fun and excitement for workout motivation, this is one of the most entertaining fitness apps out there. The Walk is an activity tracker with a thrilling adventure game to keep you coming back for more. Every step takes you further into the story as you pick up clues and map your journey to save the world.


3. Pact (Free)
If you can’t resist a good wager and are motivated by the lure of a little easy cash, Pact is a brilliant way to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to getting healthy in 2015. You can make a pact to meet your workout or healthy eating goals for a specific time period and commit to pay a minimum of $5 for each activity you miss. When you reach your goals, you get a cash reward based on what other uses had to pay. And don’t think you can cheat—they’ve got stringent guidelines for tracking your activities with photos, gym check-ins, GPS and fitness wearables.


4. Hot5 Fitness (Free)
Hot5 rises above the sea of new fitness apps by offering a wide variety of short HIIT workout videos created by personal trainers. You can easily tailor your workouts to fit into your schedule and mood. With everything from a five-minute core workout to a half-hour of yoga or Pilates to an hour of functional strength exercises.


5. Zipongo (Free)
Healthy eating is an essential factor in getting and staying fit. When you’re a busy mom on a tight budget, it’s all too easy to go for whatever’s easy, cheap and quick at the grocery store. Zipongo makes food recommendations based on your lifestyle and preferences, sets up meal plans, gives you recipes and lets you know where you can get the best deals on healthy foods at your local grocery stores.


6. Fitocracy (Free-$1 per day)
Fitocracy is one of the most popular new fitness apps tapping into the motivational power of social networking. You work with your own fitness coach to tailor a workout plan, nutritional guidelines and provide daily feedback to keep you going. As you go through each level of your plan, your Fitocracy network cheers you on.


7. FitStar Personal Trainer & FitStar Yoga (Free)
FitStar has two fantastic fitness apps. If you want to get in on the biggest fitness trend for 2015, bodyweight training, Personal Trainer features legendary Atlanta Falcons tight, Tony Gonzalez and targeted video workout that don’t require equipment or tons of space. If you’re a yoga buff (or hope to become one) instructor, and author of the Make Your Own Rules Diet, Tara Stiles will help you create a personalized plan.


8. Yoga Studio ($3.99)
Yoga Studio has over 24 hours of ready-made video classes and over 280 poses for every level. What’s really awesome about this fitness app is that you can stitch together poses and video clips from their huge library to create your very own classes. Talk about flexibility!


9. Charity Miles (Free)
Charity Miles is a bare bones activity tracker yet it’s one of the coolest fitness apps around. All you do is log in, pick a charity to support and get moving. Bikers earn 10₵ a mile while walkers and runners earn 25₵. Watch your donation add up as you go. It’s a great way to feel good inside and outside.


10. Nike+ Training Club (Free)
Nike+ TC is Nike’s contribution to the variety of online fitness apps and programs. This one also incorporates the social component so you can assemble a crew of friends to share your progress with. Choose from over 100 pilates, yoga, running and HIT vids by Nike Master instructors.