We all love our smartphones and tablets and technology that make our life more interesting if not easier. There are apps to count carbs and apps to hail a cab and apps to help us budget or talk to our kids about the birds and bees. In just a few short years, the apps have become as essential to our lives as well, our cell phones.

If Apple founder Steve Jobs had his way, there would be no apps. According to the LA Times, “If Steve Jobs had his way, we wouldn’t be celebrating the Apple App Store’s 5th anniversary.” But there are apps; fun apps and useful apps and educational apps, and well, here’s some of our favorite that you should have in 2015. 


1. Weight-Loss Apps
If you packed on a few pounds from Christmas cookies and eggnog, you need one of these apps. They’ll help you count calories, or keep track of how much exercise you really did at the gym and let you measure your weight loss.

2 .Weird Apps
Be lonely no more; you can download an app where a pretty girl stares at you whispering greetings. You can find an app that will shame you on social media when you skip the gym workout. You can find an app that translates the meaning of your dog’s bark. The apps are out there if you need them.

3. Spirituality Apps
Whether you’re seeking inspiration, words of wisdom or maybe a daily verse to live by, these are the apps for you. There are apps for religious teachings, apps to help you find your inner spirituality and apps to help you through a troubling day.

4. Budgeting Apps
If better budgeting is one of your New Year resolutions, look over the apps that keep you on track. From watching your money grow or helpful hints on how to increase the old the savings account you’ll find an app for that. From a digital savings bank to clever ways you can increase your penny pinching ways, you’ll want these apps.

5. Intelligence Building Apps
If you want to work out your brain like you work out your muscles, look for an app. From crossword puzzles, to problem solving games to apps that let you think like a genius, you’re sure to find one that fits the bill. Soon you’ll be smart enough to develop your own apps.

6. Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe
You can monitor your family’s locations with an app. You can tell when your kids arrive at their friend’s house and where they might go next. You can make sure your kids are not texting and driving. If your kids are old enough to have a cell phone of their own then a little extra safety might be exactly what you need.

7. Mom Apps
Moms need all these apps. There are first aid apps and healthy eating apps, and how to keep the kids from fighting apps. There are apps about safety issues and kid-proofing your home. Since moms need all the help they can get, they’ll want to download them all.

8. Language Apps
Improve your language skills with apps that let you learn a new word a day or help you proofread your writing. Find apps that teach you another language or translate your words so you can make yourself understood worldwide.