Gaby RodriguezGaby went to her mom to get her blessing. The two are open and honest with each other about everything, and mom was determined to break the cycle, giving her The Talk while Gaby was in middle school. Gaby then went to her mentor, her doctor, who worked in a clinic for at-risk youth, talked with her about the stages and biological symptoms of pregnancy, so she could be as authentic as possible. Since her boyfriend didn’t want to to be a teen dad, he was all for it. She went to the Principal and School Superintendent with her proposal, and impressed with her thoroughness, they approved it. These were the only people who knew the Big Secret. Everyone was fooled, even as she padded her belly toward the end and prayed no one would touch it. But words cut deep. Schoolmates and adults would tell her that her life was over. That they knew it would happen. Fortunately, friendships were mended afterward. But Gaby saw how quickly, and viciously, the stereotypes of the pregnant Latina teen mushroomed.