All this attention could easily go to a teenager’s head, but this freshman at Columbia Basin Community College remains totally down-to-earth. She apologizes for calling 11 minutes late. “I’m still getting the hang of the media and this college-life role,” says 18-year-old Gaby. Back-to-back interviews? “No,” she says. “I just finished my classes for the day.” Oh.
Awww. All of Gaby’s interviews, travel and appearances are booked around her school schedule and class assignments. And as soon as this second tsunami of publicity from the book and movie winds down, it’s back to school, back to reality. “I never considered myself an author. People ask me what I’m going to write about next, and I tell them I’m not.” She credits her co-author and now close friend, Jenna Glatzer on making her words come to life.

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