Myth: Eat Red Meat for More Iron

Bust: Green vegetables—including kale, spinach, and green collards—and beans are a higher source of iron than meat. Moreover, they provide with nonheme iron, a form of iron that is more readily absorbed when your body is low in iron and less so when you already have enough.

Iron found in meat is heme iron, which barges into your body whether you need it or not, according to studies on iron intake.

And while it’s true that red meat is a great source of protein and iron, and it’s also true that many menstruating women don’t get enough iron,getting too much can trigger the production of free radicals—those that contribute to cancer and speed the aging process. In addition, iron overload can increase the risk of heart and liver disease.

Other good sources of iron: fruits, seafood, nuts and seeds, according to the Ohio State University Extension.