For Latinas On The Go Television On The Go-MainPhoto

For Latinas On The Go: Television On The Go

Our mothers and grandmothers had scarce means to keep us, their beloved children, entertained at all times. If we complained about being bored, our options back then were either having some chores assigned to us, or going outside to play with…
iPad Management Three Tips to Help Teachers-MainPhoto

iPad Management: Three Tips to Help Teachers

The potential of iPads as educational tools is beyond exciting. But without proper management, these devices can quickly devolve into distractions in the classroom. Imagine a classroom of kids surreptitiously playing with downloaded free apps…

Why Mom Needs a Tablet!

If you’re a mom on the go, you may want to consider getting a tablet or some newer variant. These lightweight, handy devices can help you stay organized with the touch of a finger. Besides being fun to use, there are a number of ways a tablet…