For Latinas On The Go Television On The Go-MainPhoto

For Latinas On The Go Television On The Go-MainPhoto

Our mothers and grandmothers had scarce means to keep us, their beloved children, entertained at all times. If we complained about being bored, our options back then were either having some chores assigned to us, or going outside to play with our friends.  Imagine, going outside to play!  Now there’s a novel idea for today’s youth!

That´s still one of the best recommendations we can make for our children every single day.  It’s not only good for their emotional well-being, but also for their physical health.  However, we can’t deny that technology is here to stay! We are a digital and mobile society! That’s why a few days ago when I learned about Verizon FiOS’s new enhanced mobile app, which now allows you to watch Live TV on the go when you’re outside of the home via your smartphone or tablet, it really struck a chord with me.

It made me think of how different things are today for my kids in comparison to the way I grew up (with the bunny ear televisions and dial-tone home phones).  In fact, Verizon’s “new checklist” for leaving the house alone, made me realize that it’s a brave new digital world out here in 2013.  That list, in case you’re wondering: “Keys. Check! Wallet or purse. Check! And now, the enhanced FiOS Mobile App., which enables Verizon FiOS TV customers to watch live linear content as well as video-on-demand while away from home.”

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I would have loved to have television on the go as a child. Come to think of it, even when my now adult children were young and the only way to keep them entertained I was working was to play a VHS video tape, I would have loved the option of using my smartphone or tablet to have them watch their favorite shows on the go!

From what I understand, the mobile FiOS app is part of Verizon’s Borderless Lifestyle, which aims to provide anytime, anywhere access to what customers want.  In fact, the FiOS Mobile App offers access to popular television shows and movies via select iOS, Android mobile devices and tablets, and Kindle Fire, with more content choice to be added later this year.

“The FiOS Mobile App has a wide variety of content choice for all ages and interests, from the do-it-yourselfer to the moviegoer, and this is just the beginning,” said Maitreyi Krishnaswamy, director of FiOS TV’s consumer video services.  “Close collaboration with content and software partners, allows us to deliver a seamless customer experience, which will become even better as the content choices grow over time.”

The up to nine popular live TV channels that the company’s subscribers can now watch with this initial rollout, depending upon their current FiOS TV package that they have, include BBC America, BBC World News, EPIX, the NFL Network (tablet only) including “Thursday Night Football,” the Tennis Channel, and networks from Scripps Networks Interactive including the Food Network and the Travel Channel.

With that lineup, even when the kids are not around TV on the go sounds like a great option for parents anywhere.