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Geraldo Rivera: "Self-Deportation" is a Chilling Concept

It was delayed so long perhaps it is fitting than when immigration finally came up in the presidential debates, it came in a back door. One of the undecided voters selected by the Gallup Organization to ask questions at the candidates’…

Election 2012: Show Your Support with Politically-Inspired Manicures

The election is fast approaching and people are showing their support with bumper stickers, yard signs, T-shirts and lapel pins. Now those who fancy a nice mani/pedi can even get into the act with politically-inspired manicures. Beauty…

Mitt Romney & His “Binders Full of Women”

Mitt Romney showed up Tuesday night talking about "binders full of women" being brought to him when he was governor. Sounds kind of kinky, and certainly not something you want to be touting. The phrase was part of Gov. Romney's answer to a…

The Presidential Debate: Obama & Romney on Immigration

The DREAM Act. Amnesty. Kris Kobach. Illegals. Undocumented. Arizona. The second presidential debate on Tuesday night finally touched on immigration—one of the towering issues among Latinos—and it came loaded with all the trigger…

Women's Tweets During Presidential Debate

We watched the presidential debate last night, with the first female moderator in twenty years. Following are some of the reactions of women on social media regarding gun control, single moms and being female. What is yours? ♓ Democra-She…

Election 2012: Am I The Only Latina Who Feels Like a Pawn?

Am I the only mami out there who feels that we’re being approached a little, um, differently this presidential election than ever before? Kind of like we’ve been the homely girl at school who got a makeover, and now all of a sudden the…

What Women Said on Twitter About Vice Presidential Debate

During and after the presidential debate, Twitter was ablaze with remarks on the lameness of the moderator, with #poorjimlehrer trending all over cyberspace. Curious as to what women had to say about the moderator and the speakers at…

Latinas & the Elections

We are less than a month from the elections and all eyes will be on the Latino vote.  I know you all have heard this ad nauseam for more than three years, but it is all coming to a head now.  This is especially true since the race has substantially…

What Does Romney’s Poll Bounce Really Mean?

After the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney got a much-needed “bounce,” and saw his poll numbers rise to the point that he now appears neck to neck with Barack Obama. While Romney and his team can celebrate a win, the new poll numbers…