“Mom, pass the bong will ya?”

Most can’t imagine posing such a question to their moms. Ever.

Some mothers, though, may not mind it so much.

While most associate ‘Mom’ as the antithesis of all things marijuana related, there really are moms in America that hold a very unique attitude toward pot and their children.

With the push to legalize marijuana reaching new heights, and more and more pointing to legalization as the much needed missing spark to the nation’s economic recovery, a website called Moms for Marijuana exists specifically for these cannabis-loving moms.

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According to the website, Moms for Marijuana “is a grassroots network and organization of parents and other citizens across the world who are concerned with the ignorant war that continues to be fought against the Cannabis (Hemp or Marijuana) plant, and how it is negatively affecting the future generations of this earth.” The website goes on to state, that these moms “stand together to demand that it is time to thoroughly research and openly discuss the numerous benefits of this plant.”

While the website specifically notes that “Marijuana should not be used by developing minds under the age of legal consent, without parental guidance, as well as the recommendation and continuous evaluation by a licensed medical physician,” the site does say why children should not be kept in the dark of the herb’s many positive uses.

“Children should be educated on all aspects of Cannabis; from the thousands of medical, recreational, industrial, agricultural, environmental, spiritual, and economic benefits—to the repercussions, risks and history associated with the Cannabis plant.

We are moms and our number one concern is our children. We have done the research, we have analyzed all evidence, and after using logical and critical thinking, we have decided that we are moms for Marijuana.”

Food for thought. Or rather, Herb for thought.

What do you think?

Marijuana Moms-INFO