A Mad Men Makeover: How to Work Mid-Century Modern Furniture at Home

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Our love affair with Mad Men has reignited the craze for mid-century modern furniture and décor. Since it became popular in the 50's, mid-century modern style has always had a die-hard following of collectors and enthusiasts. Its timelessness…

Indoor Garden of Eden: Mastering the Art of Hanging Planters

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If you’re yearning to create your own private Babylon indoors, hanging planters are all you need. They can even provide modern, industrial spaces with a touch of old-fashioned tranquility. The British gardening expert Alan Titchmarsh told…

Home Grown: 8 DIY Home Projects the Whole Family Can Do

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You’ve always wanted to try a DIY home project, you’re really good at pinning boards on Pinterest and you’ve mentally redecorated 10 times, but you just can’t seem to pull the trigger. We’ve all been there. DIY projects for home…

Flower Power: How to Spruce Up Your Space with Fresh Floral Arrangements

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Bored with the way your house or office space looks these days and feeling down about it? So sprint to your nearest florist and buy some fresh floral arrangements and blooms to brighten things up. Studies have shown that having flowers in…

Mood Boss: How to Define Ambiance and Create It

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When it comes to your home, how do you define ambiance? According to Merriam-Webster, ambiance (or ambience) is "a feeling or mood associated with a particular place, person, or thing: atmosphere." Lighting plays a huge part in setting the…

Dwell Well: How to Make a Personal Sanctuary out of Small Space Living

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Our home is our palace, no matter what the size challenge. Sometimes, small places are all the more charming and interesting because they give you license for minimalist simplicity, vertical boldness and secret storage places. But first and…

White Hot Love: 15 Décor Ideas for a Gorgeous Winter Wedding

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‘Tis the season for coming up with fabulous winter wedding decorations! Want your dress to match…well…everything? First decide what exactly your perfect winter wonderland would look like. Is it faux indoor ice and all white decor? Or…

10 Ways to Freshen Up Your Old Living Room

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There is nothing like binge-watching HGTV to help foster insecurity about your own home decor. And with fall right around the corner—ushering in the holiday season—there’s even more pressure to make your living room picture perfect and…

15 Unexpected Color Combos You Need to Try Now

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Now is not the time to shy away from color in your life. Adding pops of color in your home, on your devices and with the clothes you wear brings joy and fun to you and everyone around you. Lucky for all of us, color is huge right now and you…