You’ve always wanted to try a DIY home project, you’re really good at pinning boards on Pinterest and you’ve mentally redecorated 10 times, but you just can’t seem to pull the trigger. We’ve all been there. DIY projects for home can be a bit intimidating, especially if you have kids, and therefore you have zero free time to actually execute a DIY task. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can revamp your home, you can do it without any professionals, and the best part is, you can do it with the help of your entire family. In fact, DIY projects that you can do with your kids (instead of trying desperately to work during nap time) can be beneficial to your home and your child.

Creativity is a key part of learning and growing, and encouraging your kids to participate in decor activities can help foster a love of creativity. As CNN reports, according to Mark Runco, Ph.D., Director of the University of Georgia’s Torrance Center for Creativity & Talent Development, “we all have creative potential…our job as parents and teachers is to help kids fulfill it.” Here are 8 DIY home projects to help you redecorate, get creative with your kids, and improve your home with the help of your entire family.

1. Create New Wall Art
If your walls look bare or boring, update your wall art by making masterpieces. First of all, there are tons of websites where you can turn photos into actual works of art. Websites like Fracture print your photos directly on mounted glass, and your kids can help pick their favorite family photos to use. Another idea is to create homemade embroidered portraits of your family members—it sounds complicated, but it’s actually easier than you would think if you follow these simple steps. We also love this circle punch wall art, which you can make with your kids by letting them punch out the circles, which you then affix onto craft paper using glue or double-sided tape. Frame the finished product and voila, colorful wall art that you created as a family!

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2. Add Color to Your Kid’s Room with Wall Decals
Wall decals are a genius way to update your kid’s room without doing any permanent damage. Plus your kids can help because the decals are simply stuck onto the wall, not glued or applied with any dangerous materials or tools. You can pick anything from polka dots to animals to stars to the letters of the alphabet. Let your kids help choose the pattern or design they like best, and work together to transform their room.


3. Revamp an Old Kitchen Chair
Sick of your boring old wooden chairs? Update them with a fun paint color like these ombré chairs, which are shockingly easy to make and look like they were professionally designed. And yes, your kids can help here too. Maybe don’t let them use the spray paint (without your assistance), but they can help choose colors and can help sand the chairs as you get started.

4. Give a Basic Desk a Little Oomph
You can make anything, even a basic IKEA desk or side table, a little more glamorous by adding gold leaf detailing. All you need is gold spray paint, a gold leaf kit (which includes adhesive, gold leaf sheets and sealer) and the furniture you want to enhance. The entire project can be done at home, in 5 simple steps.


5. Make a Play Tent your Kids will Love
What child doesn’t dream of having a cool kid-sized house to play in? Even many (many) years later and we still get the thrill of a cool playhouse. If you’re tight for space, a large structure might not be realistic, so instead build a fun tent for your kids—picture a funky tee-pee where they can hang out, read books, relax etc. There are some seriously cool tents that are easy to make by hand, and we promise, your effort will pay off big time with your kids.

6. Update your Wood Furniture with Hardware
If you thought tack embellishment was only for couches and upholstered chairs, you were wrong. You can create this same look with your wooden tables by simply buying different sized tacks at a hardware store and pushing them into the lines of a table or bench, creating a modern and fun look.


7. Bring your Garden Inside
A gorgeous garden is nice outside, but it can also instantly add some flair and beauty to your interior decor with a vertical succulent garden. Think of it as living wall you’re your kids can help arrange the plants, and the best part is they can also help take care of it once it’s done.

8. Make Your Kitchen Wall Kid-Friendly
If you need DIY projects for home, an easy one is to add chalkboard paint to one wall, or the inside of a cabinet door, creating wall space that is functional (you can write down recipes, your to-do list or grocery needs) and fun (kids can color, you can play tic-tac-toe while you cook, write notes to each other etc.)