God’s Food: The 20 Hottest Pizza Joints Across the U.S. Right Now

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Uh oh (read heck yeah!), it’s pizza time. Everyone has one or two preferred pizza restaurants and a favorite pizza: thin crust, extra cheese, deep dish with sausage, the list is really endless. We are actually a nation of pizza obsessives.…

15 Food Trends in America that are Straight Up Latin

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Brazilian chef, Alex Atala recently told Bloomberg, “Latin America has amazing ingredients and great chefs coming up. It’s going to spread across the world.” Well we have news for them, Hispanic food has already spread across the world!…

Grub on the Go: The 19 Best Airport Eateries Around the World

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We don’t know about you, but travel always revs up our appetite. This feeling is only exaggerated when we are stuck in muggy airports during long delays and annoying layovers. We got tired of eating those soggy, prepackaged sandwiches and…

10 Brazilian Recipes to Vibe up the World Cup at Home

Soccer fans the world over know that the FIFA World Cup is in Brazil this summer—which is fitting since Brazil has won this championship five times since 1958. To the Brazilians, soccer is not a sport, it’s the national passion. If you’re…
5 New Food Inventions that are Even Crazier than the Cronut-SliderPhoto

5 New Food Inventions That are Even Crazier than the Cronut

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Just as we were trying to become bikini ready, here comes June 6, National Donut Day. Held the first Friday of each June, National Donut Day was established in 1938 by the Salvation Army to honor “donut dollies,” the women who served donuts…
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The Lighter Side: Asian Cooking Tips

One of my favorite Asian restaurants serves delicious lettuce wraps. The crispy lettuce, the warm chicken with the Asian glaze, and the water chestnut crunch makes it a delicious meal. I don’t frequent the restaurant often, since it’s…

A Portuguese Dinner Party with Seafood

A delicious white crab gazpacho and a steaming flavorful seafood stew make the perfect Portuguese dinner party. Crab is a favorite shellfish of the Portuguese, and one of the most famous dishes is santola no carro–a creamy crab salad served…
Clams & Sausage in a Cataplana-FeaturePhoto

Clams & Sausage in a Cataplana

A cataplana, a fixture in the Algarve, is kind of a spiritual cousin to the pressure cooker. Shaped like a giant clam, the hinged pan clamps down during cooking, locking in the juices of its contents. When carried to the table and popped open,…

Best New Latin Restaurants

Here is a list of the best new Latin restaurants to try in the new year. For nearly three decades, Esquire Magazine's John Mariani has published a list of the best new restaurants of the year. Each November it is highly anticipated amongst…