Toxins to Avoid While Breastfeeding

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 Obstetricians are quick to warn pregnant women about the dangers of consuming alcohol, cold cuts, and too much fish during pregnancy. What’s less common is advice on keeping your breast milk wholesome and safe for…

Breast Dressed: 10 Key Tips on Breastfeeding Clothes that Always Win

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No one wants to think about breastfeeding clothes, mostly because it’s practically impossible to know what to wear as a new mom. Between the nursing breastfeeding, spit-up, limited sleep and a body that’s still healing, finding comfort,…

Best of the Breast: 6 New Ways to Get You Thinking About Breastfeeding Now

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Breast milk is the best food for your new little one. Breastfeeding provides more than just nourishment; it’s a time for mother and child to bond in a very special way. You will receive instructions in the hospital on breastfeeding techniques…

The Happy Holster: 10 Great Maternity Bras that Keep Everything in Place

Most pregnant women spend weeks researching the best maternity bra before baby arrives, unsure what to buy with so many options. A good majority seek natural fabrics, good support, and styles that don’t look like grandma’s tent-like brassieres.…

Owning Your Choice: 10 Ways to Cope with Judgment Around Breastfeeding

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Why should new moms have to defend the benefits of breastfeeding? If you're a new mom, that is a pretty big question. You'll hear all sorts of advice on the topic and will most definitely be pressured on both ends of the spectrum. Pushy lactation…

9 Breastfeeding Tips That Make it Suck (get it?) Less

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There's a lot about motherhood that no one ever tells you. People are quick to share the good (how beautiful childbirth can be, how babies are such a miracle, how much love you will feel…) They're not lying, it's mostly all true, but what…

10 Ways to De-Gorge Your Breastfeeding Boobs

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You suffered through morning sickness and months of swollen ankles to produce that perfect little person. So, here’s your first lesson of motherhood—your body and your baby won’t be on the same schedule. A few days after giving birth,…
Top 5 Breast Pumps-MainPhoto

Top 5 Breast Pumps

I had the hardest time when I started breastfeeding my baby. Not because I didn’t have enough colostrum for him—quite the contrary—but because, as a first-time mom, I felt clumsy and frustrated every time I had to feed him. Was I doing…
Breastfeeding Through Mastitis-MainPhoto

Breastfeeding Through Mastitis

Last week, I felt a little clog in my right breast. No big deal; I have an oversupply of milk so I get a little backed up from time to time—nothing some massage in a hot shower can’t take care of. But this time was different. At yoga that…