Pedicures for the New Era: Ideas to Make Your Summer Tootsies Pop

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UPDATED May 19, 2018 Sandal season is upon us, and after months of keeping your toes cooped up in those snow boots and slippers it’s time to give your feet a little love with, what else—pedicures! Trust us when we say that few indulgences…

No-Stress Tresses: 8 Good Hair Styles that Always Work After the Gym

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If you thought that actually working out was the hardest part of your gym routine, you were mistaken. Turns out that finding a way to look presentable when you leave the gym is just as much of a challenge, and finding good hairstyles for post-workouts…

The Astrology of Perfume: Best Fragrance Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Instead of sampling a million perfumes and fragrances this weekend, why not allow your zodiac sign to choose the right type of scents that work best for you? Many believe that the best perfume for you has already been pre-selected by astrology…

Tipping Point: How Much to Tip Hairdressers, Manicurists & Body Workers

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If you’re lucky enough to indulge in a beauty treatment from time to time (or if you’re really really lucky, all the time) then you know the basic rules of salon etiquette. Standard things like don’t show up late, don’t cancel last…

Intentional Ink: In Defense Tattoo Ideas that Are Meaningful

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Tattoo ideas serve a lot of purposes, depending on how they are designed and what they stand for. Sometimes tattoos are a source of rebellion, and for some people they are a way to commemorate a life event, a loss or a struggle. Sometimes…

8 Cosmetic Vinegar Benefits You Had No Idea Were a Thing

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We all work hard to look and feel beautiful each day. In fact, you probably spend a lot of time each morning perfecting your look, and a lot of time each night taking care of your of everything from your complexion to your hair to your smile.…

Threading Vs. Waxing? The Hairy Truth About Your Hair Remover

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These days women (and yes, some men too) are going to great lengths to look and feel their best, from their hair remover to their faux lashes. Everything from Botox to butt implants are becoming a regular part of people’s lives as they strive…

Heads Up: The Truth About Bald Spots & Hair Loss in Women

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As we age a lot of things can change with your looks and your body. Things that used to be perky begin to sag, and while wrinkles and gray hair may get most of the attention, hair loss in women is a serious issue for a lot of people. And newsflash,…

Multi-Masking: the New Beauty Mud Mask Trend

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At last there's a mud mask beauty trend that started on Instagram that truly makes sense (remember Clown Contouring?) It’s a skin care strategy called multi-masking that consists in applying two to three facial masks on different areas…