Tresses Stresses: 8 Ways You Are the Cause of Your Own Damaged Hair

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We’re all likely guilty of not paying enough attention to damaged hair. While a nice smile and clear skin can certainly make a big impression, a gorgeous head of hair gets people’s attention as well. And we’re not talking about a perfectly…

Style Files: 9 Fashion & Beauty Blogs we Can’t Live Without

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Beauty blogs? Really? Back in our younger years we were hooked on fashion magazines to get the latest advice on what makeup to buy and how to rock wide-legged jeans, baby-tees and Doc Martins. Yeah, it was a long time ago. Since then styles…

Volume Hacking: How to Make Hair Thicker Now

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How to make hair thicker is a question many ladies ask themselves every day. Healthy, shining, full, gorgeous hair is what some of us dream about. We see it on our favorite TV shows and in commercials; don’t we deserve long flowing locks…

Tried and True: Vintage Beauty Tips and Tricks that Still Work Wonders

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It may be 2015, but vintage beauty tips and tricks aren't necessarily outdated, in fact, they might be more useful than ever. There is a reason women like Katherine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are still beauty icons several decades after they…