UPDATED May 19, 2018

Sandal season is upon us, and after months of keeping your toes cooped up in those snow boots and slippers it’s time to give your feet a little love with, what else—pedicures! Trust us when we say that few indulgences can get you in a summer state of mind quite like a good pedicure and a bright nail polish…also, your cracked heel called and it needs some attention. While a pedicure can be incredibly relaxing—hello someone is rubbing your feet while you sit in a comfy chair with trashy magazines and silence…talk about heaven! And it’s also an important part of your beauty routine. A pedicure can protect your feet against bacteria infections and ingrown toenails. It can also help you detect potential foot problems such as bunions and toenail fungus (so you can prevent them) and pedicures can help keep foot skin healthy and moisturized. Plus, a pretty polish can go a long way to make you feel fresh and stylish.

This year there are tons of nail polish trends to try, whether you are adventurous, wild, fashion forward, mellow, traditional or modest in your look. According to Megan Gustashaw, editorial director of The Zoe Report (celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe’s fashion website—and our bible), “from cool stone grey to old-world teal, the good news is that beautifully bright nail polish is back again for 2015.” This summer it’s time to have some fun with your toes. Don’t be afraid to try something new; after all, it’s only a temporary polish—better you experiment with your pedicure as opposed to a drastic haircut or a tattoo. Here are some summer pedicure ideas to make your toes pop this season.

1. Classic Red
Classic, yes—but never boring. Cherry red nails really pop and this color looks great on any skin tone (even if you don’t yet have a tan). Plus red nails go with any outfit and any style. You really can’t go wrong with red, and since you’ve probably been sporting dark tones all winter, the bright red will be refreshing without crossing over into neon territory.

2. Nude is the New Neon
Don’t underestimate the power of nude nails to make a statement—even when it comes to pedicures. This look is clean and natural, but can also be fun by adding embellishments or a sparkle to make your toes shine. And this summer peaches are in season both at the farmers market and on your nails—try peach polish to kick your nude look up a notch.

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