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Healthy Autumn Apple Pistachio Crisp

UPDATED November 1st, 2017 Here’s a healthy new take on traditional Fall fruit crisps—the sugar is reduced and replaced with orange juice and the usual whipped cream or ice cream is replaced with Greek yogurt. It’s also a great…

Keeping it Crisp: 10 Apple Dessert Recipes to Inspire the Garden of Eden

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A sweet, cozy apple dessert is the perfect finish to any winter meal. As they say: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! There's no rule it can't be cooked into a scrumptious dessert. However, that does bring up the point that the apples you…

From Golden Delicious to Gala: 15 Lessons Your Kid Can Learn Just from Apple Picking

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Autumn is really an incredible season. From the falling leaves to football, the chill in the air to warm cider—it’s the perfect time of year for family fun. It’s also the ideal time to for apple picking. Why should you? Scholastic says,…

A Quick & Easy Snack Fix: Apple Sandwich

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Once school is out, we mothers don’t want to see another sandwich for at least a month, am I right? That said, the convenience of putting some yummies in between two pieces of bread cannot be argued. It’s easily portable, handheld, and…
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Heathy Starts: Grain-Free Flax Apple Granola

To start your morning right, or just for healthier snack throughout the day, here’s a new take on the granola classic. FLAX APPLE GRANOLA Serves: 4 Ingredients 1/3 cup coconut oil, heated ¼ cup honey 2 TSP sugar 2 cups salted…
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It's Time for Delicious Apple Recipes!

Everything You Need to Know about America’s Favorite Fruit Its undeniable: the days are getting shorter, the grasses are going to seed,  the beginning of autumn is here! Sure, you’ll have to pack away the beach gear and pull out the…