Once school is out, we mothers don’t want to see another sandwich for at least a month, am I right? That said, the convenience of putting some yummies in between two pieces of bread cannot be argued. It’s easily portable, handheld, and can be altered to be a sweet or savory type of quick meal. Working with the awesome people at TAJÍN , we came up with a sandwich that’s totally unique, creative, fun to make and absolutely delicious. The Quick & Easy Apple Sandwich is both sweet and savory with a little kick from the seasoning.

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We make a few of these in the morning and pack them in our bag to take to the beach but the sandwich would actually fare just fine in a school lunch bag come Fall. It’s got some protein, fiber and good fat to keep you and the kids going strong all afternoon. It’s a good lunch choice anytime the meal needs to be made on the go.

The recipe calls for the crust being cut off the bread but don’t tell my kids that because I never do. Call me lazy, but this sandwich makes it taste like I tried, crust and all, so nobody seems to mind. I do however feel that the recommendation to toast the bread lightly is solid. Toasting the bread makes it less likely to become soggy sitting in my beach bag so I’m all about it. Get a little gutsy and go for it with this easy summer sandwich!

183 per serving
Serves: 1

1 high fiber, whole grain slice of bread
2 slices low fat turkey ham
4 thin apple slices
lime juice
Light mayonnaise (optional)


  1. Cut the crust off of the bread and lightly toast; slice in two.
  2. Spread a small amount of the light mayonnaise on each half; add a slice of the turkey ham and two slices of apple.
  3. Sprinkle with TAJÍN CLASICO and add a couple of drops of lime juice.

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