Get your passport ready, people! It’s time to travel! You might think you’re having a great summer with all the picnics, hikes and garden parties, but there is nothing like an international getaway to bring you and your family joy, memories and education that will last you a lifetime! The festivals of the world are some of the most magical ways to experience slice-of-life culture.

A report from the American Psychological Association says: “Overall, the authors found that extensiveness of multicultural experiences was positively related to both creative performance (insight learning, remote association, and idea generation) and creativity-supporting cognitive processes (retrieval of unconventional knowledge, recruitment of ideas from unfamiliar cultures for creative idea expansion.” Now tell me you don’t want more of that in your life! So, in case you’re bored, are looking for adventure or just want to create a summer to remember, here are 11 global summer festivals to visit this year. Have a blast! We’re so jealous!

1. Sonar Festival • June 12-14• Barcelona, Spain
The Sonar festival is more like a trade show, conference and festival for electronic music lovers. You’ll be immersed in the culture of the music with shows, lectures and demonstrations to keep you entertained and educated in your favorite type of electronica sub-genre, from ethnic to acid to speedcore.

2. The Governors Ball Music Festival • June 6-8 • New York, NY
This three-day festival features some of the world’s most famous musical acts in a range of genres. Previous headliners have included the Strokes, Kanye West, Damian Marley and Feist.