But what exactly does it mean for a piece of suitcase to be “smart”? Well, it’s still early, but currently smart suitcases involve a few key innovations that could truly change the way you travel, pack and explore the world. There are several brands on the scene, all working to re-invent the idea of travel bags and introduce a smarter and more technologically advanced suitcase to the world. One such company, Raden, is on the road to creating suitcases with brains, according to Digital Trends. The company’s CEO and founder, Josh Udashkin, thinks of Raden as “a luggage company that’s utilizing tech to reinvent how people travel, and it starts with suitcase that looks deceptively familiar, but discreetly intelligent.”

So what can you expect when smart suitcases become a part of your regular travel routine? Built-in power, a GPS system, Internet and remote controls, to name just a few perks. Here’s what the future holds: