Kate del Castillo: 5 Lessons We Can Learn from TelenovelasMany of us love watching our telenovelas for many reasons. For some of us, they remind us of our abuelitas, who started the tradition by watching them in the kitchen as they cooked our favorite meal. For others, it’s the escapism quality that attracts us, as the characters take us to a world of riches and romance. L.A.-based journalist Naibe Reynoso recently interviewed Kate del Castillo, who has ten telenovelas under her belt, including the popular La Reina del Sur, which will have its finale on Mun2 this week. She asked the Mexican actress what are 5 things we can actually learn from soap operas so that our guilty pleasure can actually turn into useful life lessons.

Here is a quick rundown, but watch the video to get Kate’s complete answers.


  1. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  2. Crime doesn’t pay.
  3. Think like a man but love like a woman.
  4. Men are vulnerable.
  5. Money doesn’t buy happiness.

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