Baggage Tracking System
Imagine if you could always know where you bag is, even when your airline or travel provider drops the ball and loses your suitcase? It’s possible now that smart bags are adding a tracking feature that allows you to personally track and locate your bags wherever they are. And as we all know, sometimes they aren’t where they are supposed to be. Bags get misplaced, lost, mistakenly claimed by another traveler or stolen. But with a built-in GPS system you can keep your eye on your bag at all times. According to CIO, “one of the most tantalizing promises of “smart luggage” is the potential to track bags throughout your journeys, in case a parcel goes AWOL. These new tracking systems are generally designed to shut down when your bag is stored onboard a plane and then turn on again upon landing, to meet regulations that govern the use of wireless technology during flights.”