Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hair Donation

Why would someone cut off all their long, beautiful hair, and donate it to someone they don’t know and will never meet? The women and men who donate their long hair to Pantene  Beautiful Lengths program know they’re giving something of themselves so that a cancer patient can have a beautiful, real-hair wig to wear when chemotherapy takes her own locks. For Tamara, a shy young woman who felt she “hid” behind her hair, the chance to give this gift of self-esteem and support to someone else, coupled with the thrill of a whole new look was enough to get her to lose her locks. And wait until you see the results!

PonyUp and Donate your BeautifulLengths to Women Affected by Cancer-Logo

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Click here for a video of Tamara’s transformation, and then visit the Beautiful Lengths site to learn how you can get involved.