Coping with Breast Cancer, One Joke at a Time

UPDATED November 1st, 2017 When my very own emerging flesh orbs first began to sprout during puberty, they seemed like two sweet little gifts from God. My treasured twins. My Harry and Sally. The first loves of my life. My next-level knockers.…

Breast of the Breast: 30 Facts About Women and Breast Cancer We All Should Know

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UPDATED September 19th, 2017 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It celebrates the 2.8 million survivors of breast cancer, and emphasizes the need to continue research to cure the disease. Here are 30 facts about breast cancer we, and…

8 Reasons Why Everyone is Talking About the Moringa Tree

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The Moringa Tree (Moringa oleifera) is native to North India that’s been nicknamed “the miracle tree” and the “tree of life” for its superfood properties. Virtually every part of the tree is edible and packed with nutrients. According…

Colon Cancer Awareness Month: Learn How to Prevent this Common Killer

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If you think colon cancer is a man’s disease, that only older people get it and that it cannot be prevented, you have fallen for three common myths related to the third most diagnosed cancer in the United States. Instead, you should know…

Be Your Own Bosom Buddy: 10 Facts on Breast Health You Need to Know

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Few people ever get into the nitty-gritty of breast health. We all know breast cancer is a horrible disease, one that you probably do already know a bit about, and the more we learn about prevention and early detection the closer we come to…

Latinas – Spotting the Signs Early Is Only Half the Battle to Breast Cancer Survival

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There is no real way to describe the overwhelming and emotional reaction one can feel when faced with the possibility of cancer. Even the word cancer itself, can stir a mix of concern and fear among the strongest willed persons. Breast cancer…

Breast of Friends: 20 Ways to Support a Friend Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Memorable

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so it’s the perfect time to learn about supporting a friend with breast cancer in addition to supporting research and early detection efforts. Since it’s the second most commonly diagnosed cancer…
What You Need to Know About Cancer in One Film-MainPhoto

WTF is Cancer: A Film Everyone Should See

Describe cancer in one word. Hope. Fight. (Silence) It's not an easy question to answer, but that is how the documentary "What the F@#- is Cancer and Why Does Everybody Have It?" begins. Medical professionals, cancer survivors, relatives…
Cancer patients and aspirin

Should Cancer Patients Take Aspirin?

I vaguely remember taking aspirin when I was sick as a kid. I think baby aspirin back then was pink and came in a small glass bottle. By the time I had children though, it was no longer recommended. The use of aspirin was associated with serious…