How to make hair thicker is a question many ladies ask themselves every day. Healthy, shining, full, gorgeous hair is what some of us dream about. We see it on our favorite TV shows and in commercials; don’t we deserve long flowing locks too? But the reality when we look in the mirror is a little less camera ready and a lot more dull. According to Pantene Celebrity Hairstylist,
Danilo, there is a science behind this desire for gorgeous glowing hair. He explains, “Pantene has done studies and tracked what is most attractive to the human eye…we like to see shiny hair, and we like it bouncy, and we like it to feel good as well.” So how do you make hair thicker so that it feels healthy and is full of life?

While you might have thin strands or damaged hair that lacks natural volume, you also might be using the wrong products, and either way, there’s good news. You can give your hair a boost; all you need are the right tools, some expert tricks and a really great colorist. Here are some tips and volume booster ideas to help you achieve hair you love and dream of.

Change Your Part
It might be as simple as changing up where you part your hair. When you part your hair in the same way every day, your hair starts to fall flat in that position. Switch your part and your roots will instantly appear lifted, resulting in fuller hair. Plus, the new look is subtle but also noticeable, so people will focus on your gorgeous hair and not how limp it may be.

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Change Up Your Blow-Dry Routine
If you typically blow-dry your hair down you are probably trying to prevent frizz and fly-aways, but you may also be creating a flat look with no volume, as you are encouraging locks to fall close to your head. Instead, start by flipping your head over and blow-drying your hair from the bottom, using your fingers to add volume as you dry. Then, flip your head back up, and use a round brush to blow-dry each section of hair, pulling hair out to the side as you work, rather than straight down.  

Use Thickening Products That Won’t Weigh Hair Down
Products that aim to calm frizz and smooth hair have their benefits, but they can also tend to weigh hair down—not a good thing if you have naturally limp locks. Use a shampoo and conditioner that is lightweight and adds volume to hair, rather than making it look flat. In addition, a light, airy product like a mousse or foam is a better styling choice than a heavy gel or spray. The lighter it feels, the lighter it will make your hair look and the result is big volume.


Fake Full Hair With Waves
If you don’t have naturally thick, full hair, fake it! Pin-straight hair will look flat regardless of what kind of hair you have, so instead add waves to make your hair appear fuller than it really is. Beach-y waves are great for a casual look during the day, and glamorous loose curls make a perfect date-night style. And remember, bigger is better, because those waves will fall as the day goes on.

Load up on Protein
You are what you eat, and that applies to your hair too. According to nutritionist and NBC’s Today Show nutrition and health expert, “starting a hair-healthy diet today will mean a more gorgeous head of hair within six months to a year, depending on how fast your hair grows.” That includes foods high in protein, B vitamins and biotin such as eggs, spinach and lentils. Why is protein so important for hair growth? “Hair gets its structure from hardened proteins called keratin. Without enough protein for keratin, hair grows more slowly, and the individual strands that do grow are weaker” she explains. If you want fuller, thicker, healthier hair, load up on hair-healthy foods.


Boost Volume While You Sleep
If you’re sleeping with your hair down, you could be missing an opportunity to boost volume while you rest. Put hair in a high ponytail or bun on top of your head, tied loosely so you don’t break hairs as you move. When you wake up in the morning let your hair down and you’ll have loose waves with a lot of lift, which is a great starting point for any hairstyle.

Add Depth With Highlights
There are lots of ways to fake volume, and as Shape reports, adding depth to your hair color is one of them. Highlights add dimension and make hair look fuller and thicker no matter how you style it.