6. Porn
Porn is heavily stigmatized by most societies but it’s a part of many couples’ healthy sex lives. Don’t be afraid to talk about Fifty Shades of Grey or internet porn with your daughter. Discuss potential addiction she or a partner might experience and how porn can be used (or abused) in a sexual relationship.

7. Toys
Self pleasure is kind of a big deal. Most adolescents figure out masturbation on their own, no sex toy needed, but at some point your daughter might become interested in a vibrator or dildo. That doesn’t mean you have to taking her shopping for her first sex toy, but you can let her know that it’s perfectly alright if she wants to own one (or more). Empower her with the knowledge of herself and her own body so that she’s strong, confident and discerning when it comes to allowing others to enjoy it along with her.