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Aphrodisiac Foods: Hard Fact or Soft Science?

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UPDATED June 13th, 2018 We’ve all heard the cliché about oysters being an aphrodisiac food, the kind of food that puts both men and women in the mood for a little sumthin-sumthin. But is it really true? And what about chocolate, bananas…

Gyno-Real: 10 Things You’re Dying to Ask Your Gynecologist but are Too Shy

UPDATED June 12, 2018 Let’s get real: being a woman involves a lot of gross experiences. As if getting your period isn’t icky enough, there’s childbirth, UTIs and, arguably the worst of the bunch—yeast infections. If you’ve been…

7 Conversations About Sex that You Should Have with Your Daughter

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Updated April 21st, 2018 In the same way you probably cringe at the thought of your own mother engaging in risqué sexual acts, it’s fair to say that, for her, the thought of you taking part in said acts doesn't feel any better. There are…

What Women in Childbearing Years Really Need to Know About Zika and Pregnancy

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Everyone seems to be talking about the Zika virus, and with good reason. This disease is on the rise, it is pretty scary, and quite frankly, there is still a lot we don’t know about it. According to recent statistics reported by the CDC,…

The Birds and the Bees 2.0: 15 Ways Technology Changed How We Teach Kids About Sex

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Been dreading The Talk with your kid? When it comes to sex education for teens, some might say that if you’ve never had a rudimentary ‘where babies come from’ conversation, you’re probably too late and they’ve already heard it from…
Excerpt: Throb, An Erotic Coming of Age Novel

9 Scary Realities About Sex & Your Teen

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For many, sex education was something learned from whispered conversations, the Playboy stolen from Dad’s dresser or a very generic description in Health class. No wonder we were eager to learn for ourselves. As parents, the memory of teen…

15 Ways a Sexless Marriage Kills the Soul

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Before marriage a girl has to make love to a man to hold him. After marriage, she has to hold him to make love to him. —Marilyn Monroe May is Date Your Mate Month and this is one cause we can really get behind! At Mamiverse, we write a…
Birth Control 2014 – 10 New Methods to Avoid Getting Knocked up-MainPhoto

Birth Control 2014: 8 New Ways to Avoid Getting Knocked Up

On May 9, 1960, the birth control pill was approved by the FDA and was available by prescription, changing the way we looked at pregnancy prevention forever. The medication quickly became known as ‘the pill’ and not a lot has changed over…
20 Things to Discuss with your Kids about Birth Control-SliderPhoto

20 Things to Discuss with Your Kids About Birth Control

On May 9, 1960, the birth control pill was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The pill was made by Chicago based company G.D. Searle Company and was commissioned by birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger. Both Sanger and pill development…