7 Conversations About Sex that You Should Have with Your Daughter-MainPhoto

Updated April 21st, 2018

In the same way you probably cringe at the thought of your own mother engaging in risqué sexual acts, it’s fair to say that, for her, the thought of you taking part in said acts doesn’t feel any better. There are just some topics in the sexuality domain that mothers and daughters avoid when it comes to “sharing” s—but why? Sex education for girls is a must and shouldn’t sex, of all things, be the one topic we do discuss with person who wants the absolute best for us?

“In general, girls blab more to their parents, and mothers are more likely on the receiving end with both sons and daughters,” psychologist Christopher Daddis tells The New York Times. “But when it comes to sex, girls are just as mum as boys.” That’s all the more reason that moms need to encourage their daughters to talk about the birds, the bees and everything in between. They need to give them a safe, nonjudgmental place to discuss the intimate details of human sexuality. We want to empower you to have seven terrifying conversations about sex with your own daughter in order to teach her to care for herself, her future, and her relationships, when she’s ready.

1. Oral Sex
The little brother of intercourse, so to speak, is oral sex. Whether we like it or not, it is part of the sexual lexicon and is often practiced by teens looking to avoid pregnancy. Talking about this sex act might actually be a great ice-breaker to allow you to broach some of the other less comfy subjects. Like other sex acts, remind her to use protections because of….

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