20 Classic Knock Knock Jokes of All Time-MainPhoto

UPDATED April 21st, 2018

Knock-knock. Who’s there? Our list of the most iconic knock-knock jokes of all time, that’s who! Because nothing elicits chuckles like the unique brand of call-and-response comedy that is the good, old-fashioned format of a knock-knock joke. And we’ve got a list of these guys for your comedic pleasure, replete with jokes for all kinds of scenarios. Impress your family, impress your friends; impress your kids even!


Some believe Shakespeare was the creator of the first knock-knock joke, as reported by IdiotsGuide.com: “Knock-knock jokes can be found all over the world, from Canada to South Africa…The origin of knock-knock jokes is not certain, the first written one is by none other than the Bard himself. In Act II, scene iii of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the porter who tends to Macbeth’s castle gate is awakened by unpleasant knocking sounds and compares himself to a porter for a gate in hell.”

 Whomever it was who knock-knocked, first, we’re sure glad he did. Here are our favorite knock-knock jokes. Feel free to add yours to the list in the “Comments” section!

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