12. Do you want your baby to be circumcised?
If you plan on circumcising your baby boy at the hospital, some will perform the surgery soon after birth. Others will have you return later in the week. If you choose not to, be very clear about it in your birth plan.

13. Will you breastfeed?
Your hospital or birth center is a wonderful resource for you if you intend to breastfeed, as breastfeeding is natural and wonderful, but not always easy. Be sure to inform your care providers that you would like to breastfeed and that you want all of their support. Take advantage of lactation consultants on hand for questions, demos, and support. Nurses will know not to feed your baby formula or give her a pacifier and will share their expertise with you.

14. Do you want to bank your baby’s cord blood?
This is another choice that you can make far in advance of birthing your baby. Banking cord blood is a service you can use to save the blood left in the umbilical so you can use its stem cells and information for the benefit of the whole family in case of illness. If you choose store this blood, your birthing facility will have to collect it for you and send it to your storage facility.