18. Do you want your baby to have a pacifier?
There are pros and cons to pacifier use. The main point against the use of a pacifier is that some experts believe it can interfere with learning to breastfeed. If you feel strongly that using a pacifier will diminish your chances of establishing breastfeeding with your baby, you will need to notify the hospital staff so they don’t automatically give your baby one for soothing and to give you a break to sleep, eat and rest.

19. How to cope with postpartum pain?
Doctors tend to be much more generous with pain medication when there has been a C-section, after which you will be prescribed narcotics. Be sure to let your doctor know if you feel you will want pain management assistance after a natural birth, resulting from stitches after an episiotomy, general bruising from the birth, cramping, or even a Pitocin headache.

20. When will you and your baby go home?
Depending on how labor and delivery go, you may have little choice in the matter. C-sections require you to remain in the hospital long enough to determine that you have recovered from the surgery as well as the delivery. A natural birth that goes smoothly for mother and baby, on the other hand, requires much less aftercare. If you have help at home or are itching to get back to your environment, be sure to let your physician know. Otherwise, enjoy the extra assistance with the baby from nurses and postpartum doulas.