15. What do you want to do with the placenta?
The placenta, a provisional organ that appears along with the creation of an embryo in your uterus, used to be automatically discarded after the birth. New information about its value and various uses has come to light, including the nutritional and health benefits for the new mom. Some people save it and turn it into capsules for later ingestion, as well as other ways of consuming it. If you would like to try these, let your health providers know so they will not throw it away.

16. Do you want your baby to “room in” with you?
A hospital or birthing facility will often give you the option of taking your baby to the nursery in between feedings or leaving her in a bassinet by your bed in your recovery room. This is one of those choices that you can make in advance and then change your mind when you’re in the thick of it.

17. Do you want to feed and bond with your baby before they wash them?
It is thought that the vermix, the thick, unctuous coating on a baby’s skin right after birth, is a boon for the baby’s skin and overall health. If you would like to delay the cleaning and washing of your baby and get some skin-to-skin bonding first, you can choose to have your beautiful and somewhat slimy baby placed directly on you before bathing.