4. Looks Aren’t Everything – the Story of Narcissus
We all know someone who is a total narcissist, and that term actually originates from Greek myths. The story of Narcissus tells the tale of a gorgeous man who fell in love with his own reflection. It was predicted that Narcissus would have a long, wonderful life, as long as he never saw his own reflection. His whole life Narcissus rejected all attempts of others to earn his affections, even causing some of his suitors to commit suicide just to prove their unrequited love. When the goddess of love got word of this, Narcissus was punished by a love that would never be fulfilled. He fell in love with his own reflection, a love that could never be truly returned, and ultimately he killed himself because he could not bear the agony of unfulfilled love. As with most myths, this story is an extreme version of modern realities, but the lesson is there: be kind to others, be open-minded to love and affection from others, and remember that looks are not everything. Don’t become obsessed with your own looks and focus on what is inside yourself and others, as that’s where true love and fulfillment will come from.