1. Control Your Anger – the Story of Hercules
Everyone knows the name Hercules, and most of us know that he was a strong warrior who was almost unbeatable thanks to his courage and power. And while he was honored and celebrated in mythology and Greek history, it’s also important to know that Hercules had a real mean streak. He was violent, had trouble controlling his rage—which made him great in battle—and he was easily manipulated by Hera, his arch nemesis. Hera somehow caused Hercules to enter a state of intense rage and violent anger, during which he murdered his family. And as punishment for that act, he endured 12 years of penance known as the Twelve Labors of Hercules. Bottom line: don’t be influenced by others and control your emotions, your anger and your strength or else you will spend the rest of your life paying for your sins. While hopefully we never feel quite as enraged and mad as Hercules once felt, we’ve all had moments of frustration and anger, and it’s important to remember to harness those negative emotions so that you can make sound, positive decisions, even in the face of some serious anger.