Holiday Drinks-MainPhoto

Holiday Drinks-MainPhoto

One of the tricky aspects to hosting a party where children are present is eliminating the whole “doubling-up” effort. That means serving food and drinks that both appeal to the adults (you know, the libations) but also satisfy the kids. Here are some Latino holiday drinks that will satisfy all!

Though it’s wintertime, lemonade never goes out of season. It’s a perfect thirst quencher. Homemade is always the best when you try different infusions. My choice for dulce: honey! It’s fantastic, subtle, and soft. The combination of lemon and honey is so perfect you’ll never want to use traditional sugar ever again! Plus, it’s healthier for you. Okay, but you may say, that’s boring; nothing over the top. Enter star anise. It’s like having a bit of spice in that wet glass of citrus! For your party, use anise liquor for the adult batch and leave it out for the kids’ ration. Add some fresh anise to theirs for that licorice flavor. Kids love that stuff. Just make sure the stars don’t make their way into their cups.

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Since apples are in full harvest now, a fruity, but bold drink makes perfect sense. This cocktail is simply beautiful and will leave your guests feeling happy and thankful you considered a “healthy” alternative for the kids. It’s super easy to shake up, too.

Like the anise lemonade, this drink only requires one modification for the kids. Instead of rum, use ginger ale to complete the recipe. The rosemary is appropriate for kids since you’ll use it to hold the pretty apple ball garnish.

The star of the party will surely be this über-sexy, dulce de leche based trago. Another easy one to mix up and the kids can even be involved making their version.  You’ll impress your swanky guests with the hardened caramel lacing your glass. Adding the caramel to my chilled glass made this original recipe worth the trouble. The drink’s creaminess was quickly achieved by using Talenti Tahitian Vanilla bean gelato instead of ice cream.

Instead of sweetened condensed milk, generous shots of Bailey’s Caramel flavored Irish Cream took it over the top and made it ideal for festive soirees. Maybe an unsuspecting choice, but I knew the combination of a gourmet gelato like Talento, with Bailey’s caramel liqueur, would yield a perfect and beautiful drink. I omitted Vodka, but if you must have it, I’m confident you’ll become a bona fide mixologist. Make it your new sexy drink, because it’s just that amazing. Don’t forget the kids either. All kids love ice cream so this will be a crowd pleaser among them. Eliminate all of the alcohol and replace it with eggnog. Make sure to trim their glasses with the hardened caramel; it’ll help them feel included while they sip what’s really a fancy milk shake!

Holiday Drinks-Photo2DULCE DE LECHE TRAGO

1 cup Talenti Tahitian Vanilla Bean gelato, softened
¼ cup milk
3 shots (1¼ ea.) Bailey’s caramel Irish cream
2 shots (1¼ ea.) vodka (optional)
½ cup sugar


  1. In a martini shaker, add ice cream, milk, Irish Cream, and ice.
  2. Shake well.
  3. In small non-stick saucepan, bring sugar to boil, stirring constantly with wooden spoon until sugar has liquefied and is caramel in color. Remove from heat and continue stirring until caramel starts to thicken a little.
  4. Using tablespoon, drizzle caramel all around the inside of chilled martini glass.
  5. Pour dulce de leche cocktail into martini glass.