UPDATED June 17th, 2017

Mother’s Day is not a happy event for all. Especially not for those who hate their own moms. 

Los Angeles native and screenwriter Nicole Gonzalez McIntosh was eight years old when her mother first threw her out of the house to live on her own. Janette Rosario-Brol of Illinois recently took out a protective order against her mother—a woman who, among other things, once told her young daughter she wished she’d spent her drug money on getting the girl aborted instead.

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Houston’s Krissy Guzman watched in astonishment as her mother pretended to only have two children when in fact she had four—and never understood why the woman paid for one daughter to go to college but told the other she wasn’t worth it. Boston salon owner Nancy Brown’s mother found her mauled by a dog in the neck and face—and bleeding nearly to death—in their native Costa Rica, and berated the elementary school girl for “ruining the sofa” with her blood.

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  1. Dr. Tanginika Cuascud
    Dr. Tanginika Cuascud says:

    Thanks for publishing this article. It is true that society sanctifies mothers automatically; it is a “de-facto” practice that everybody follows blindly and that is almost imposed. Motherhood does not automatically make you the Virgin Mary. Many mothers have made horrible mistakes and, although I believe in forgiveness, I don’t believe forgiveness means sending flowers to mommy dearest and spending Mother’s day with her as if though nothing had happened. As Oprah says: forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could’ve been any different. But it doesn’t mean inviting the past into your present or future.

  2. Reyna Grande
    Reyna Grande says:

    Thanks for writing this, Alisa. Sometimes I get frustrated about the tons of articles about mothers, where all they do is praise their mamis and say something like, “My Mami is my best friend.” etc… I got cheated in the Mom department, and I guess it’s important to recognize that not all of us were lucky enough to have a good mom who can be our best friend. I wish mine were my best everything. Unfortunately, that wasn’t meant to be.

  3. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I have a mother I can barely tolerate, I don’t like her as a person and am convinced she is delusional as she always seems to think she is being victimized and fails to realize what a hypocrite she is. When I became pregnant with my oldest daughter, my ex admitted he was nervous about what kind of mom I would be because of the kind of mother I have.To hear him say that broke my heart but I understood his concern. Now with two children, Mother’s day is about me. Even though things didn’t work out between my daughters’ father and I, he celebrates me before his own mother, because he says he couldn’t have asked for a better mother for his kids. The best thing my mom ever did was show me what not to do.

    • pat
      pat says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      My mother was, still is abusive trying to control me with with guilt and unfortunately for her and luckily for me I don’t give a shit to guilt. Tried to explain her my life was not hers but she would not ear, so I broke the relation & expelled her from my life long ago. Without that I would never had the happy live I have now. Of course for my family I am the “bad son”. The society we life in is built from the roots on guilt (I hate religions for that…) and does not tolerate children to have resentment against their parents what ever the parents did.

      A man hating his mother is believed to be a woman hater but it’s often the opposite. In my case I had to push my mother away in order to be able to love women. Strangely a momma’s boy is judged better than a man not liking is mother, but it’s momma’s boys that make many women live’s an inferno.

  4. Halfblood
    Halfblood says:

    I did forgive my cruel mother. She has been physically, mentally and emotionally cruel.
    However, if this forgiveness thing has to work, the other party should know that they are bad. Understanding your abusive is easy and forgiving as well, at least on my part. But I found out that my mother is not worth being forgiven. She is impossible.
    Too effing religious to back down, too ignorantly rotten to understand things that matter other than what she sees on tv and hears on the radio, too proud and unfeeling to sympathize with members of the family who are going through a rough time, even if the people she is nasty with are the people who did things that she enjoyed. My mother just takes and takes. She is disgustingly not capable of giving out anything. She had a hard life growing up and experienced humiliation-but that’s according to her. Did I forget to mention that she lies to make people look bad so she’ll emerge as the saintly one? She disgusts me and I am not going to forgive her this time. I plan to move away as fas away as possible with my kids and never look back. Meaning, I totally will forget that I belonged once to dysfunctional family.


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