Are you reading this while eating? You may want to step away from your food and bookmark this for later. We are about to get real. Real about your poop. This is not to gross you out, but to inform you.  People are talking about fecal transplants and you should know what that means. Still with us?

A fecal transplant procedure is not some kinky sex act, but instead an an experimental treatment for, C. Difficile colitis (commonly called C. diff) and shows promise with other bowel disorders. C. diff is a bacterium which causes an infection that can lead to debilitating diarrhea—it usually results from taking antibiotics that kill the good intestinal bacteria and allow C. diff to take over. When someone undergoes a fecal transplant, feces from a healthy donor is put in the diseased intestinal tract. Dr. Lawrence Brandt of New York’s Montefiore Medical Center, who has performed over 200 fecal transplants told Fox News, “We’re dealing with something that is pretty close to miraculous.”

Ok, so it’s real science and, though it’s not the most pleasant topic, it’s one that could save your life or the life of someone you love. Take a deep breath and just remember—s**t happens. Here are 15 reasons people are talking about fecal transplants right now.

1. Good Bacteria
Good bacteria is needed to fight off disease, digest food and keep us healthy. Antibiotics often kill the good bacteria, allowing infections to take over.

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