In the battle to preserve our smiles for as long as possible, there are some clear obstacles. Every kid remembers the cartoon cavities that drill holes into pearly whites in commercials, but what happens when we realize that we are the ones who cause them? Are we our own worst enemies when it comes to dental health and a beautiful smile?

The biggest problem with habits is that they are hard to identify. As Dr. Stephanie Greene observes, “If you brush your teeth a couple of times a day and have never had any major issues involving dental health, it is easy to think that your teeth will always stay in good condition. However, there are many everyday activities that could be slowly but steadily damaging your teeth.”

If you wait to have concrete evidence that what you do on a daily basis isn’t promoting good dental health, it may be too late to solve the situation. Instead, why not take a look at some common activities that may seem to be unrelated to your mouth but are actually planting the seeds for a bigger problem.

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1. Smoking
Okay, this habit is not actually good for anything and you probably can imagine why it’s bad for your mouth. Besides the fact that the stuff in cigarettes will seriously stain your teeth, smoking also encourages gum disease. More serious problems include cancer of the mouth and tongue.