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FOX Logo-ReducedWhile the government may have shut down October 1st, our phone lines are ringing as people are calling us to get information about what the Affordable Care Act means for them. In each person’s voice there was an urgency that came through. It was clear that there are many misconceptions about whether or not it would help and what they had to do now. The fear that has been peddled by many has created an unfair assault on what should be seen as an opportunity.

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For us it is clear that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is an important step in improving the lives of all Americans and especially for Hispanics. Implementation of the ACA will make it possible for many people to obtain health insurance who up to now had no options for purchasing health insurance.

For Hispanics, obtaining affordable health insurance is particularly critical as we are the community least likely to have health insurance. The lack of health insurance among Hispanics is usually driven by two factors. First, Hispanics are more likely to work in places that do not provide health insurance for their employees. Additionally, Hispanics are likely to be independent contractors or cobble together several part-time jobs in order to provide income for their families.

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