1. Quick & Easy Peppermint Fudge
    We had you at “fudge” didn’t we? Everyone loves a great piece of fudge, and if you throw in some peppermint for good measure it’s suddenly a holiday party in your mouth. Plus, this recipe is incredibly easy to prepare, something that is important when you’re also making 10 other dishes simultaneously. It requires a mere five minutes of prep time and the then you get to leave it in the refrigerator for two hours. Easy peas-y we’d like some please-y.
  1. Eggnog Sugar Cookie Bars
    And moving on to the best part of the meal: DESSERT! Eggnog screams holidays, but some people just don’t have a taste for the extremely creamy beverage. Take the ‘nog flavor and turn it into something special by making these Eggnog Sugar Cookie Bars. The cinnamon and nutmeg enhance the flavor of the eggnog and the bars are perfectly creamy without going overboard.