1. Roasted Garlic Clove Chicken
    We love a good roast chicken, but eventually they all start to taste the same. That is, until you try this Roasted Garlic Clove Chicken that will blow your mind into 2015. First you cook the garlic cloves in butter and then you roast the chicken and serve with the garlic sauce. Did we catch your attention yet? Needless to say this isn’t the lightest dish on the list, but it’s worth the extra calories.
  1. Christmas Pasta
    Some people don’t think of pasta when they think of a holiday meal, but this dish is basically Bolognese on steroids—it’s packed with every kind of meat you can imagine (sausage, beef, pork, veal, pancetta…) making it into a hearty dish that is even better the next day. And if your holiday meal doesn’t lead to some post-Christmas leftovers, is it really worth it?