FOX Logo-ReducedCelebrities took to Twitter to publicly mourn the tragic death of Jenni Rivera after the norteño singer and and four others died in a plane crash in Mexico Sunday night.

Mexican songstress and actress Lucero wrote on her Twitter account: “What terrible news! Rest in peace … My deepest condolences for her family and friends.”

Pop star Paulina Rubio, Rivera’s colleague on the Mexican show The Voice of México, said on her Twitter account: “My friend! Why? There is no consolation. God, please help me!”

Born in Long Beach, Calif., Rivera was at the peak of her career as perhaps the most successful female singer in Grupero, a male-dominated regional style influenced by the Norteño, Cumbia and Ranchero styles.

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Like Lucero and Rubio, fellow Mexican American actress Eva Longoria was shocked after learning about Rivera’s death.

“My heart breaks for the loss of Jenni Rivera & everyone on the plane. My prayers go out to her family. We lost a legend today,” Longoria posted on Sunday.

She later re-tweeted two Jenni Rivera fans, who were clearly in shock and mourning the star.

“@EvaLongoria we lost a huge #MexicanIdol but the legend grows. My prayers are with her family. #MexicansProudAndSadOfJenni #Latinos,” wrote Juan Magana.

Mario Lopez, Longoria’s BFF and host of the singing competition The X Factor, was also upset after learning about Rivera’s death.

“Spent some time with Jenni Rivera recently. What an amazing lady… Cool, smart, funny & talented. Such a travesty… God Bless her family,” he wrote. Read the full article on FOX NEWS Latino.