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[EDITOR’S NOTE: Part of a series devoted to Mamiverse attending Festival People en Español Presented by Target in San Antonio on September 1-2. The inaugural festival promises to celebrate Latino contribution to art, music, lifestyle and culture. Join our Twitter parties for a chance to win fabulous prizes! RSVP here.]

La Mujer de Fuego, Olga Tañon, has always sported a timeless style. Even when she switches from light, sunny strands to sexy, dark hair in a matter of months, Olga is a natural when it comes to keeping it low-key and classic. Her signature look is based on neutrals and basics.

Olga wears makeup that, literally, looks good on anyone. It’s simple (so you can play it up with big, colorful accessories) yet chic enough to be worn during the day and easy to glam up for evening.


  • No need to live dangerously and sunbathe in order to obtain Olga’s glow. Now you can “fake the bake” with self-tanners especially designed for the face (which give you a softer and more natural look). You can either blend these with your foundation or rub a little bit on your cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin.
  • If you didn’t sleep enough the night before, you can still look as fresh as Olga does. Using a brush, apply your concealer in single dots under your eyes and blend, blend, blend—either with your finger, a sponge or a brush. Creamy concealers tend to look more natural.

Olga Tanon makeup foundation

  • Eye openers: using a black pencil, line the outer half of your top and bottom lashes. Then smudge brown or black eyeshadow on the crease to create a subtle “V” shape. By doing so, you’ll look more wide-eyed. Try L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eyeliner in Carbon Black ($7.84).
  • If you have time to spare, try fake eyelashes. To be honest, it’s not the easiest thing to do the first time around, but the impressive results are worth a try! That´s Olga’s secret to flirtatious eyes. Try Laura Mercier Full Faux Eyelashes ($18).

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Olga Tanon makeup

Courtesy of Bonnet Media Group

Olga’s second look is a sophisticated version of the previous one. As you can see, Olga sticks to her basics: bronzed skin, bold eyebrows, and fake eyelashes…but she gives it a twist with metallic shadows and nude lipstick. Perfect for a glam party or date night.


  • Once skin is prepped with foundation and eyebrows are defined, focus on achieving smoky eyes.

Olga Tanon makeup bronzer

  • To wrap up this glamorous look, opt for a matte nude lipstick. These hues can be tricky, so go for one that’s slightly more beige than your natural lip color. Try Burberry Lip Cover in Nude Cashmere ($30).

Mamiverse is thrilled to attend Festival People en Español presented by Target, an event celebrating Hispanic entertainment, culture and community. We are hosting three Twitter parties this week and Tweeting Festival related content with the hashtag #TargetAtFestival. The participant who tweets and retweets the most using the hashtag #TargetAtFestival including a link to our Twitter party events on FB, or a link to one of our People en Español-related articles from today through the end of the Festival by midnight September 2 will receive a $100 giftcard. Join in our Twitter Extravaganza!

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