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Greater Expectations: The Cowboy's Guide For Single Moms Raising Boys

When I first began to talk to The Cowboy about my son, I pretty much toed the liberal line. If my kid had behavioral problems, I reasoned, it was because he was "special"—either because he was "gifted" or because he (maybe) had an autism…

A Successful Adoption Story

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. To celebrate this important month, I am sharing my family's adoption story with Mamiverse readers. Today, I'll share how we came to the adoption decision. In the coming weeks, I'll share our adoption…

Halloween Candy Consumption: Kids Prefer Chocolate

Want to be the popular house on the block with kids this Halloween? Give them chocolate. It doesn’t matter what kind of candy, as long as it’s chocolate. Almost three quarters or 68 percent kids say they prefer homes that give “anything…
Bread of the Dead

Bread of the Dead: A Recipe for Making Sweet Peace With the Dead

It wasn't too long ago that I was able to make peace with The Day of the Dead. Yes, I confess: I was scared of it. I grew up encapsulated by a very traditional, old-fashioned belief of the dead: respect them, fear them and leave them alone.…

Screen Time: Kids are Getting Too Much

Time spent staring into a screen is higher than ever for children, despite the ongoing recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics that TV and video-gaming time be limited, according to an article in the New York Times. Apparently,…

Ginger Pumpkin Soup: A Seasonal Staple Becomes a Delicious First Course

Autumn is my favorite season. Even my mood changes when I know it is almost here. Yet it wasn't until last year, after having moved from New York City and living in South Florida for more than seven years, that I gave up looking for nature's…

Self-Care: Why It Matters and How I Learned My Lesson

Quick. Think of the last time you did something to truly nurture yourself. Struggling to come up with the date? You are not alone. Most of us suffer from chronic self-neglect. In our busy lives, it always feels like something's gotta give…

Gloria Rodriguez: You are More Than Good Enough

You areMore than Good Enough, says Gloria Rodriguez to the women who attend her empowerment seminars and workshops. It's also the title of her first book, which tells of her own journey towards self-acceptance and fulfillment. Gloria is an…

My Nanny's Sadness is Also My Own

Franklin Gomez was dying. A machine forced air into his lungs as his rib cage heaved up and down, screaming and beeping as it synchronizes with bags bringing him fluid and morphine. His 4 kids watch over him. His wife, Rosanna, squeezes…