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Juanita's Rice Pudding

The first time I made rice pudding, I fretted too much. I worried that my pudding was too thin, that it would stick to the bottom and burn, and that it wouldn’t taste any good after all of my hard work. (Note that I didn’t worry about…

Verdolagas: The Perfect Green

Verdolagas are thick, tender greens that have an acidic, mouth-warming bite, almost like mint when they’re raw. The greens are popular during the rainy season in Mexico, and they can be found at markets across the United States under the…

Workout Media That Actually Works

Perhaps I’m romanticizing the past, but I do recall fondly my days at the gym when I could use a dozen different weight machines or try three types of toning classes. But several years ago I gave it up because I realized that in the time…

Healthy Lunch Packing Tips

With back-to-school drawing near, your kids are likely lobbying for a new backpack or the hottest sneakers. But health officials say you shouldn’t overlook an important staple of their daily school life: a well-insulated, properly packed…

5 Low-Calorie Sweet Summer Cocktails

What could be better than a summer night with the perfect summer cocktail—without the guilt of empty calories? Yes, it’s true: whether you’re whipping up a batch for guests or just want some quality time with a good cocktail, leave the…

How the Cheating Chilean Miner’s Wife Fell in Love With Herself

Just hours before the 33 Chilean miners were to be rescued from their 69-day ordeal underground, there was one thing that Marta Salinas wanted her philandering husband, Jonni Barrios, and the other miners to know: "Women are fighters." It…

When Grandpa Moves In

Our family is a statistic in the U.S. Don’t be startled. It’s a good thing. We’re part of the “Sandwich Generation,” a group that cares for their children and their elderly parents at the same time. The National Alliance for Caregiving…
6 Things Parents Should Know About Bullying-MainPhoto

A Single Mom's Guide to Dealing With Bullies

Few things strike fear into the heart of a single mother more than learning that her child is being bullied. When that child is a boy, it can be even more frightening because, let’s face it, boyworld is a very different place; one we just…

I'd Rather Be Home Than at the Oscars

The twins were 10-months-old and we were on our way to Mommy and Me. Simple enough, right? Wrong! Anyone who has had twins fully recognizes that this simple outing requires about two-and-a-half hours of planning, prepping, and coaxing just…