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Childhood Food Allergies, Autism, and Halloween

As Halloween approaches, bags and bags of candy line the shelves of every store I walk into. Most of the brightly colored packages holding sweet treats my little boy could never even taste—treats that look innocent enough, but because of…

A Little Halloween History and Cookies for Your Family

There is always a story behind every tradition and Halloween is no exception. If you've ever thought about the reasons behind ghosts and goblins on Halloween, fret no longer. Evidence suggests that Halloween originated in the early Middle…

Celebrate Love Your Body Day

You've probably done it. Looked through a magazine and wished for a celebrity's clear skin or a model's long legs. You close the latest issue, not inspired by what you learned but defeated by what you are not. And, yet, here's the thing. None…

Lame Lies, Little White Lies, and Everything In Between

You catch your teen in a lie and think: 1. They are destined to be a psychopath. OMG, how did this happen? 2. What a dumb lie! If they were going to fib, why not be craftier about it? 3. Where did they get this behavior from? You’ve…

Mentoring Seeds Sprout

By the time you read this, I will be back from Kansas City, where I will have given the keynote address at MANA de Kansas City's 30th anniversary celebration. MANA is a national organization for Latinas, based in Washington, D.C., but with…

The Best Taco Trucks on Twitter and On The Street

Behold: The once lowly taco truck has won over the hearts of foodies and non-Latinos alike. We know that you’ve had your tacos al pastor “secret street hook-up” for awhile now. Like, since childhood, maybe? But allow us to broaden your…

A Child's Mantra: How it Helped This Latina Mom

My daughters and I love going to the beach and enjoying the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. While my 10-year-old enjoys trying to surf even when the waves are not big enough, my seven-year-old prefers to make sandcastles by my side. On…

Success, at What Cost? The Cowboy's Guide to Raising Boys for Single Moms

Of the many challenges that I face as a single mother, none is so daunting as finding a balance among all of those things that are important to me. Often, I fall short of reaching my goal to maintain a mindful equilibrium, especially when…

Juanita's Rice Pudding

The first time I made rice pudding, I fretted too much. I worried that my pudding was too thin, that it would stick to the bottom and burn, and that it wouldn’t taste any good after all of my hard work. (Note that I didn’t worry about…